How Not to Catch a Bug

Maria Cross
8 min readFeb 8

You don’t have to suffer. You just have to do the right thing.


It’s cold. It’s February, and it’s mean out there. There are viruses circling the wagons, looking for a warm, easy host. One that won’t put up much of a fight. Is that you?

There are those people who catch everything that’s drifting along on the breeze. Yet there are others who don’t, or who shrug off would-be assailants with ease. What separates these two camps?

Whatever it is, it probably isn’t a face mask. A January 2023 Cochrane review of all the evidence (Cochrane being the gold standard of reviews) concluded that ‘Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference’ to getting flu or covid-19.

Marvellous. We wore those bacteria-ridden face coverings (and who among us didn’t keep wearing the same old scrap until it become a health hazard?) for no reason at all. We got jabbed, once, twice, thrice, before proceeding to catch the virus and pass it on to anyone with the misfortune to enter our airspace.

You were urged to get the covid jab. Then you were urged to get the flu jab.

At what point were you urged to strengthen your immune system? To arm yourself with the best possible natural defence?

Your immune system is massively underrated. It is the only thing standing between you and death, every second of your life. That’s not me being a drama queen; there’s a lot going on, beneath the surface.

Bacteria are microscopic in size, but a virus is about a thousand times smaller. Unlike bacteria, a virus needs a host, where it can multiply rapidly. And there you are! In they pile, through your mouth, nose, bodily fluids and cuts in the skin.

Once it comes into contact with a cell in your body, the virus attaches itself to the cell membrane and injects its DNA into the cell. The wall is breeched, and the cell dies. The virus is now able to replicate inside the cell — making as many as 10,000 copies of itself that can then travel to other parts of the body, including the lungs. The process is repeated, over and over.

Your immune system responds to an attack from a virus by launching a counterattack. It does this by first raising your body…

Maria Cross

MSc. Registered nutritionist, specialising in gut and mental health. COMING SOON! My new book, How to Feed Your Brain. mariacrossnutrition @mariacross