How To Feed Your Brain is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make food choices that maximise your brain function throughout each stage of life. From anxiety to depression to ADHD to Alzheimer’s, discover the way that food influences your mental wellbeing.

The modern human brain thrives on the foods we lived on for hundreds of thousands of years, and a brief race through time explores the way that brain size and body shape were determined by diet. Our nutritional needs have not changed with time, just because our lifestyles have. Today, we face serious threats to our mental health, as the increasingly unnatural foods we consume diverge from our true, ancestral diet.

This book is for anyone keen to maintain healthy brain function and avoid dementia and cognitive decline in later life. It is also ideal for those who are struggling with mental health issues and who wish to explore dietary solutions. People caring for others with mental health problems will also find it a useful resource.

Being a practical as well as informative guide with suggestions for meal ideas, How to Feed Your Brain helps you incorporate all the elements of our ancestral diet into a contemporary way of eating. PUBLICATION DATE: OCTOBER 2023

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