Here’s the simple way to keep your brain young, sharp, and disease-free


In 2016, Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Nobel Prize for his discovery of the mechanism of autophagy, the process the body uses to clear out and recycle old cell components. Making this discovery was phenomenal — but making it work is easy, and something you can do yourself.

About autophagy

Fear and anxiety in the vagus nerve can be controlled — here’s how

Image: Manu5/Creative Commons

You know when you’ve been triggered. Once you’ve had time to reflect, you also know that your anxiety or fear was probably an overreaction to a relatively trivial event. It’s easy enough to reason with yourself on a conscious level, but subconsciously it’s difficult to control your emotions.

That’s because…

Three key brain nutrients worth supplementing on a meat-free diet


Astudy published in October 2021 found that a meat-free diet “was associated with poorer psychological health.” This systematic review of 18 studies of meat and mental health involved a total of over 160,000 participants. It concluded that:

“The most rigorous studies demonstrated that the prevalence or risk of depression and/or…

Maria Cross

MSc. Registered nutritionist, specialising in diet, gut, and mental health. Visit AllYouCanEat.Org.UK for free brain food guide, or to book a consultation

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